Have you ever heard of a foldable electric bike? Imagine a regular bicycle, except it helps you with your pedaling. Regardless of whether you're going up a huge hill or riding on flat land, it will take the same effort to move forward. When you make it to your destination, you can fold the bike down to a small, easily carried size.

Great for exercise

Riding a bicycle is a great cardiovascular exercise. With a foldable electric bike, like those from e-go bike, it doesn't do all of the work for you. You will still have to pedal the bike to move forward. While the bike's motor will assist you with peddling to a certain degree, it is still a great way to get exercise. You will also be less likely to overly strain your body and possibly get injured.

Ride wherever you can ride a normal bicycle

While local laws may differ based on where you live, in most places, you can ride a foldable electric bike anywhere that bicycles are permitted. Foldable electric bikes aren't in the same category as mopeds or motorcycles, which are heavily regulated. Instead, they are more similar to traditional bicycles and are typically treated that way under the law.

Go where a normal bicycle can't

It is true that foldable electric bikes are similar to bicycles, but they're able to go places that you wouldn't be able to go on a regular bike. For example, many of them are equipped with special tires that allow you to ride them in off-road environments. Since the electric motor will assist you with pedaling, you're able to ride up very large hills that may be impossible to get up on a traditional bicycle.

Convenient folding feature

Since you can fold up a foldable electric bike, you are able to use it to commute virtually anywhere. When you arrive at your destination, you can fold it up and carry it with you. That means you don't have to find a place to store it. There is no need for locks or other security features. When you leave a bike locked up while you're not around to keep an eye on it, the risk of someone stealing it is much higher.

Environmentally friendly

Like all electric powered transportation options, an electric bike is considered to be more environmentally friendly than other options that have gas-powered motors. Since you still have to pedal for a foldable electric bike to operate, you're using up even less energy than other electric-powered bikes.