Enrolling your child in ice skating classes will allow him or her to go from someone who can barely stand up on skates to someone who can swiftly zoom around the ice and make sudden stops in a cloud of ice chips. Whether you're attempting to get an early start on having the child play hockey or take figure skating, the ice skating lessons will have him or her comfortable in skates. To increase the chance of your child sticking with the lessons, you need to lessen the risk of getting bruised during a fall. Falls will be inevitable during this learning phase, but if you buy these useful pieces of gear, you won't have to worry about an injury.


A helmet is arguably the most important piece of safety gear that you can buy your child, but it's important that you buy the right style of helmet. Look for a hockey helmet, as it will come down around the back of the head and protect the base of the skull, which is a part of the head that could otherwise make contact with the ice during a fall. It's a good idea to get a helmet with a full face shield, too, for the times that your child falls face first.


Many parents buy a helmet but forget about the importance of a mouthguard. This essential item will prevent injuries in a couple ways. First, when your child keeps his or her jaw clenched to hold the guard in place, there's less of a chance of biting the tongue during a fall. Additionally, mouthguards are effective in the prevention of concussions, as they keep the jaw secure during a fall. It's generally a good idea to buy a mouthguard with a tether that can be attached to the helmet so that your child doesn't lose it on the ice or in the change room before the lessons.

Knee And Elbow Pads

Knee and elbow pads are also essential for people who are learning to skate, given that the knees and elbows will frequently absorb the impact of falling. Look for models that have an ample amount of soft foam padding, as well as a hard plastic cup over the padding. This will further decrease the impact of the fall and leave your child without any ill effects from a tumble. These items can easily fit under a child's snow pants and winter jacket, too.

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