Billiards is a game that will take proper concentration and skills. If you are a billiards player and you are interested in building a billiards room inside of your basement to enjoy the game, you will need to set up a specific aura. For setting up a billiards room, there are room designs and accessories that you need to purchase. Here are some tips for setting up the perfect room for your favorite game. 

Dim, but levelled lighting over the pool table 

In order to play billiards appropriately, the players will need to properly see the positioning of all of the balls on the table. They will also need to be able to view the pockets in which to strike the balls. What you will need to watch out for is not having too much light reflect off of the balls. Make the lights dim, but be sure that the billiards table is properly lit and can be seen by those who are directly next to the table. 

Two racks and cue sticks

Though you may be interested in having one rack and cue stick set, it is appropriate to have several available. You want to have more than one rack of balls for billiards in the event that one of the balls sets or cue sets are damaged. The cue stick sets should come in several different widths and lengths, to allow billiards players to choose the stick that works for their skill level plus their arm span. Two sets will mean that those who need to use the same length and width do not have to continuously switch off, which can hold up the game. When selecting pool cues make sure they are smooth, yet not made of materials that will cause them to be too slippery. 

Hardwood flooring is necessary

Sitting a billiards table on carpeting can cause a lot of problems. One of the issues is properly leveling the table. When you have carpet, there can be bumps and lumps depending on how the legs of the table sit on the floor. Carpeting can also begin to wear down nearby the billiards table area, while the rest of the carpeting will be lush, causing a visible difference. You want to make sure that you have a completely flat leveling for the table in order to make the game fair and skill based. A hardwood floor will also allow for appropriate stances whether in shoes or barefoot.