If you're like most "The Walking Dead" aficionados, Daryl Dixon has probably been one of your favorite characters since the show first premiered in 2010. Portrayed by award-winning actor Norman Reedus, Daryl is a gritty, no-nonsense survivalist who winds up saving the day on numerous occasions.

While the world isn't currently undergoing a zombie apocalypse, there's no harm in brushing up on your survival skills so you can become the Daryl Dixon of your friends and family if a dire situation ever arises. Furthermore, you'll have an arsenal of cool accessories at your disposal so you'll feel as collected and capable as Daryl in your everyday life.

Build Your Own Personal Archery Range

Like all of "The Walking Dead" characters, Daryl often has to resort to guns in order to dispose of huge herds of zombies. However, his signature weapon has always been his trusty crossbow. While they may seem archaic, crossbows have numerous benefits over firearms in the zombie apocalypse. Unlike bullets, arrows can be reused, so there's no risk of running out of ammo. If you happen to break or lose an arrow, you can whittle new arrows from sticks just like Daryl does in the show.

Purchase an archery target kit and set it up in your back yard to create your own personal archery range. Make sure you set up the targets in a safe place so that if you miss the target, your stray arrows won't endanger anyone or damage other people's property. It's also a good idea to stack up a wall of hay bales behind your target to catch stray arrows. That way, you won't have to go hunting for them when you miss your shot.

Stock up on Cool Weapons

Find your perfect crossbow by searching through various sporting goods suppliers. Diehard archery fans will tell you that the style of the bow doesn't matter. However, everyone knows how cool Daryl looks carrying around his black crossbow with custom camouflage, so make sure you pick out a quality bow that fits your personal style as well as his does.

When taking on hordes of zombies in close-courters combat, Daryl often sets aside his bow in favor of his trusty knife. The one he uses is a Busse Team Gemini combat knife, but any large combat knife will work in the zombie apocalypse. On numerous occasions, Daryl resorts to throwing his knife to take out zombies that are out of reach. While using your personal archery range to practice your crossbow skills, make sure you spend some time honing your knife-throwing skills as well. With a bit of practice, you'll feel as skilled and capable as Daryl in no time. You'll be ready to take on the zombie apocalypse as soon as it arises.

Customize Your Gear with Your Own Trademark Style

If you really want to be like Daryl Dixon, you need your own unique style. Don't settle for a stock crossbow and knife repertoire. Personalize your weapons with unique engravings and custom leather accessories. With some custom leather holsters and personal mottos engraved on your weapons, you'll feel as cool as Daryl Dixon every time you suit up.

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