If you are contemplating the purchase of an automatic knife to use for sporting activities or simply for show, you will soon be enjoying the benefits of having a quick blade at your disposal whenever it is needed. However, it is important to take steps in the care of an automatic knife so it works properly and looks great for years to come. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your investment is properly maintained and handled so it does not suffer from premature wear or damage.

Make Sure to Close the Knife Appropriately

When you open an automatic knife for use, you need to press on a button so the blade is released from the holder. It is important that you press this button down when you decide to put the blade back into the casing. This will ensure the release mechanism does not withstand too much pressure from the blade pushing against it as you press it back into place. Pushing the button will move the mechanism out of the way, helping to keep it from wearing as a result.

Add Oil to Aid in Rough Opening Movements

Many automatic knives will feel stiff when you first try opening them, but they will loosen as they are broken in. If you find that your automatic knife does not release as quickly as you would like, consider adding some automotive lithium grease to lubricate the knife near the end of the shaft. Simply dab a bit of grease in the sear hole on the blade. This will work its way onto the covered end of the knife when it is in a closed position, helping it to open smoothly as a result.

Clean the Knife Appropriately to Improve Appearance

It is important that you take the time to clean your knife after each use. This will remove any debris from the blade so debris does not make its way into the casing, possibly causing the knife to have opening or closing difficulties. Wipe down the blade with a piece of microfiber cloth to remove debris without scratching the surface. Purchase a polishing agent from a sporting goods store or hunting shop This can be added to the blade to shine it without damaging the material in the process. For the knife's handle, consider using a clear shoe polish to remove fingerprints and add a lustrous shine.