If a friend or family member is a bowler with a passion for the game, treat him or her to a bowling-inspired gift bag. For novice bowlers who need their own personal ball, or for a seasoned bowler who is need of a new one, start with a bowling ball and work the rest of the gift around it. 

Brunswick bowling balls are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, patterns and price points, so pick the one that works best for both the bowler and your budget. A gift of a bowling ball is a great way to encourage novices to continue on with their hobbies and a thoughtful way of showing the pros that you support their games.

Here are some tips for creating bowling-themed gift bags:

1. Start by choosing the perfect ball as the centerpiece of the present. Once you've determined the ball size the recipient requires, decide on the style. Brunswick has bowling ball categories such as "affordable," "vintage," "entry level" and "retired," so you can pick the one you feel or friend or loved one would most appreciate.

They also come in a wide variety of colors, such as red, blue, green and traditional black. If you prefer a more unique look, some also features swirl, flame and tie-dye patterns, as well as shiny and sparkly finishes.

2. You can also buy a matching bag to coordinate with the ball. They're available in tote and backpack styles, and some feature wheels, zippered pockets for shoes and other accessories, and retractable handles for convenience. 

3. Another way to fill out your bowling-inspired gift is with accessories. For the pros, there are gloves that help players get the maximum wrist support and rotation, as well as gripping gloves. Players of all levels will appreciate foaming ball cleaners and polishes, wrist supports, and microfiber grip balls, which help absorb moisture in between rounds.

4. If the recipient loves jewelry, include a charm bracelet with bowling ball, pin, and shoe charms, a gold or silver pendant in the shape of a ball or pin, or themed stud earrings. As a personal touch, you can also get their name and the year engraved on a pendant.

5. Other whimsical gift ideas include key chains, chocolates in bowling ball and pin shapes, and mugs from the recipients' favorite bowling lanes. Bowling ball- and pin-shaped ornaments featuring the current year make ideal Christmas present keepsakes. 

For more ideas, check out a company like Bowler X.