Most parents want their children to be involved in some sort of sporting activity for the health and social benefits they provide. If your child isn't interested in football, baseball, volleyball, or any of the "ball" sports, consider introducing them to archery. Although this sport doesn't get as much publicity as many others do, it offers multiple advantages for a young person. You child can become a stronger, more well-rounded individual with the help of archery. 

School Benefits

Children who learn archery develop skills that benefit them in the classroom. Improving at archery requires that they follow the rules of the sport. If they don't listen, they simply do not get better. For children that have problems with authority, archery can teach them the benefits of good behavior. Archery also requires the ability to focus on drawing the bow and aiming at the target. You cannot be successful if you are distracted in any way. That ability to focus pays dividends in school. Your child should be able to listen better to instructions and be able to pay attention for longer periods of time. 


If your child does not do well at team sports, archery can be the answer. Learning to do well in an individual sport can improve your child's self-esteem. When they do well at archery, it's due to their own hard work and skill. This success can make your child more confident in all their endeavors and more likely to try other new experiences. 


Archery offers a variety of health benefits as well. Your child should gain improved balance through stronger core muscles that develop from the act of shooting. Another benefit is increased hand/eye coordination, a skill that is necessary for other sports and activities. If your child begins to compete in tournaments, they will also get plenty of exercise by simply walking through the course, up to five miles each time. Of course, archery also develops upper body strength by working chest, back, and arm muscles. Your child will still need additional aerobic activity, but archery provides a solid fitness foundation. 

You can improve your child's life by introducing them to archery. This sport can give them hours of enjoyment while improving their physical health. Perhaps more importantly, archery gives them improved self-confidence that they can use in all aspects of their life. Their schoolwork may also improve thanks to the other skills they learn while pursuing this sport. Archery can greatly enhance a young person's childhood. 

If your child would like to give archery a try, head down to the range at Wilcox Bait Tackle where you can rent a shooting lane and a bow.